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Two unicorns have arrived at the edge of an abyss. The one which the human eye finds first has her vision blocked out by her own mane, and is galloping straight towards an inevitable conclusion: falling down the cliff into whatever lies hidden beneath that ominous pitch-black blanket. While she remains oblivious to her fate, her horn - radiating a bluish-white aura at its base that cools down to yellow at its tip - points to a nearly identical unicorn in the midst of his fateful leap. What ignites this work, however, are the shadowed volcanoes coated with scorching lava spewing out firey smoke; they imbue the unicorns with a necessary drive to escape. The cliff is a border between known and unknown, between life and death, and thus is the title's "thin red line". This work could be made better if the unicorn's movements alone could convey a sense of desperateness, balancing their importance with the background.

Both unicorns' anatomies and hair express their respective movements well (after all, references were used), and the blurring of hooves has been factored in. Although their colours are too strong, that issue has been rightly blamed on the scanner. Visible pencil strokes convey a dim atmosphere besides accentuating the unicorns, and shades of warm colours suit the volcanoes well. This leaves two technical errors: a portion of the darkness extends a little too far up the cliff's wall, and the red-hot lava flowing down the leftmost volcano "blends" into earth contrary to common sense. Unicorns in danger have not been attempted much before, owing to their perceived "friendliness" and "incapacity" - this picture provides another good alternative viewpoint.
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