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Zecora Croft: Brew Raider by UtterlyLudicrous

She springs up smack-bang in the poster's middle, wearing her traditional gold ornaments as well as Croft's standard issue: dark tank top and utility belt. Pressing her hooves against the pistols on either flank, unshakeable determination radiates - tail arcing and flying in still air, ears conditioned and receptive, eyes locked onto every unsuspecting enemy, mouth clamped down and shouting out "I've made the first move"! A ring of bevelled triangles surrounding the spiral that is her de facto cutie mark not only direct the eye inwards, but also amplify her outward style exponentially. Tomb Raider's action and adventure scenes are thus written all over Zecora's body, with the possible exception of the strokes; back lighting (as per the original) would better imply her role.

A grainy filter has been applied across the whole image, echoing classic adventure films like Indiana Jones. After it is removed, the underlying vector is top-notch and separates itself from the background with its consistent smooth strokes. Even the long credits list, often regarded as supplementary and secondary to the poster's subject, is ponified beyond doubt while preserving the link to the real cast and crew. Auxillary filters (ie. for the dark grey sun, the blue on which it rests and - to a very small extent - Zecora's ends) could not have been used with more skill. Despite movie poster parodies being themselves quite developed, this one breaks new ground: it fuses a colourful and intrepid human explorer with a reclusive yet knowledgeable zebra (an archetype of Faustism, the mixing of pop art and abstract expressionism) into an unambiguous personality.
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