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Faerie by gkrit

A green cloak frayed at its bottom, dragonfly wings and a longbow - what could all this mysticism refer to? The faerie (not fairy, to keep in context) has come out of some ethereal realm, signified by faint brushstrokes blending into her body, because something unusual has happened. She has come out to express her potential in the white portion of the background. Violet patches on the piece's left provide backing: because they occupy less of the canvas, the eye follows to the faerie and then the weapon she is one with. Inner sentiments therefore dominate over objective appearance, a positive consequence of this work's painterliness, though more could be done to imply the faerie's thoughts.

Thick and powerful brushstrokes that leave some of the white base visible constitute the entire painting, giving an Impressionist feel. Some of these strokes, as mentioned before, detach themselves from the faerie to project motion and action, while connecting themselves to the violet area. However, the cloak's bottom end stirs unnerving feelings, with its dark grey part dissonant against the vibrant greens and adorning five irregular "beads"; this could be replaced with plain maroon. Pictures of faeries have been created many times before, but this one throws their stereotypical innocence out the window and captures their more deceptive side... in a very insidious fashion.
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